About Us

About Us

Hey there, I’m Shakir, the creative force driving Shutter Story. My photography journey didn’t begin with high-end cameras or drones; it sprouted from the humble confines of my mobile phone, where I could barely store a dozen cherished photos.

But in 2012, the winds of change blew in the form of my first DSLR, the Canon 600D. As the years rolled by, I honed my skills through this trusty companion (yes, I still keep it close), venturing across countless countries to capture awe-inspiring moments. Then, I soared to new heights when I added a drone to my arsenal, unveiling fresh perspectives for my ever-growing collection of photographic marvels. Today, my toolkit boasts an array of gadgets, from DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to drones and GoPros, each lending its own unique touch to my artistry.

In 2017, I launched Shutter Story’s social media presence to share my travel escapades, with a particular focus on the grandeur of landscapes and the vibrancy of urban life. The response was overwhelming, as many of you expressed a desire to transform these visual delights into tangible, wall-worthy art. So, taking the first stride on this creative journey, I present to you the Shutter Story website. Here, you can now effortlessly order prints of your favorite moments, bringing them to life in your own space. And stay tuned, for this website is poised to become a treasure trove of photography content in the near future.

Let’s stay connected through the social media channels listed below.
Thank you for joining me on this visual adventure! 😊

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